Our story

What we believe in

What's in a name? Super Duper stands for very excellent, truly great or complete. Because that's exactly what you are! At Super Duper Body, we believe all bodies are Super Duper (read: awesome)! Our mission is to encourage you to embrace your own body and to show up in whatever way you're comfortable in. Step into the daylight. You're good enough. Actually, you're probably overqualified, but let's start off humble (uhum, not!).

Our story

Super Duper Body was founded because of the need for natural skincare for a very sensitive (read: you touch your face and it's red) skin. After learning all the goodness CBD has to offer, we started formulating and testing this miracle worker in skincare. After 2 years of testing, testing and guess what: even more testing, we finally found what we've been looking for! Super Duper Body skincare protects, nourishes and smooths even the most sensitive skin type, leaving your skin calm (not tomato red) and happy! Oh goodness!

The best of nature for a Super Duper you.


No unwanted extras, no mysteries. Just ingredients with a purpose.

At Super Duper Body, we empower the best of nature, letting natural ingredients work their way with your awesomeness. 

Super Duper Body skincare is 98%+ natural and formulated with good-for-you ingredients. A clean formula that delivers radical results, with respect for the planet and our furry friends, that's what we're all about.

CBD can change your skin, for good.

Why CBD?
CBD is derived from the cannabis plant of which we've recently started to know its powerful benefits. The cannabis plant consists of many parts or also called: cannabinoids. (Are you still following?) CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and moreover used in skincare for its many beautifying properties (which we've already bragged about). 

The unique power of CBD

Did you know that your skin produces its own naturally occurring cannabinoids called endocannabinoids? 

Their purpose is to regulate and balance your skin's natural sebum (oil) production. This is called your endocannabinoid skin system, a complex network which job is to keep your skin in homeostasis - that is, a happy, healthy, and balanced state. When this system is out of whack, well, so is your skin. Your complexion can be irritated, oily, dry, blemish-prone, or even itchy. This is where CBD comes in! CBD is known to support your body’s own natural endocannabinoid system to give you a smoother, clearer, and calmer complexion.

 (isn’t it meant-to-be that cannabis has similar molecules as your skin?)