Environmental Vision

We take the environment seriously, not because it's the right thing to do, but rather because it's a matter of hearing our hearts. Being a sustainable business is not easy, but we are committed to be the most sustainable we can and will always work towards minimizing our impact.


Our aim is to not only create products that are good-for-you, but also good-for-the-environment. Our products come with packaging that can be recycled and have the least environmental impact. Super Duper Body's primary packaging is largely made up of earth-friendly materials. We carefully consider the best option for sustainable, safe packaging and a lovely product experience.

We will always try to do the right thing. Promise.


Reusing and recycling

Each of our products come in a paper carton that is 100% recyclable. Our shipping boxes are made of kraft paper and they are also 100% recyclable. We limit the use of plastic or polystyrene. However, our primary packaging might contain an inevitable small amount of 100% recyclable plastic. Please dissamble the primary packaging of your product before recycling it. Don't forget, our reusable Easy Squeeze helps you to get every last drop out of your tube.

Local suppliers

To reduce our carbon footprint, we aim to work with local suppliers here in Belgium or neighbouring countries. Our products are manufactured in Belgium with ingredients sourced in the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries. The primary packaging is sourced from Italy and Germany. Our shipping boxes and product unit cartons are as well made in Belgium. We will always try to support our local market in every way we can.

Sustainability is a journey 

we need to walk together with you. We would love to receive your feedback or any suggestions on