Did you know that your skin produces its own naturally occurring cannabinoids called endocannabinoids?

Their purpose is to regulate and balance your skin's natural sebum (oil) production. This is called your endocannabinoid skin system, a complex network which job is to keep your skin in homeostasis - that is, a happy, healthy, and balanced state. When this system is out of whack, well, so is your skin. Your complexion can be irritated, oily, dry, blemish-prone, or even itchy.

CBD is known to support your body’s own natural endocannabinoid system to give you a smoother, clearer, and a calmer complexion. (isn’t it meant-to-be that cannabis has similar molecules as your skin?)

CBD is known to slow down the signs of ageing (better start early!). It’s antioxidant properties help to protect the skin against free radicals.CBD is known to soothe a sensitive skin. It also helps to soothe visible red (acne-prone) skin, and it alleviates dryness and itch.

CBD is known to balance the skin. It will give your skin the hydration it needs and it will decrease oil production with oily skin (bye bye oily T-zone!).